About the brand

Vagh Comfortaire is a mattress manufacturing company that sells affordable and durable, high-quality mattresses. Their premium quality mattresses are thoughtfully engineered and customised at extremely affordable prices to deliver customers a great sleeping experience.

Everything is done in-house, from research and development to manufacturing all the required materials. This helps them to price the products at a lower cost as they do not have to pay any third-party vendors.


Logo Designing

A logo that showcased the what the brand wanted to do: providing comfort for uninterrupted sleep.

Brand Identity

A Brand Identity that had a calming feel and was able to give a sense of inherrent comfort.


Stationery design that followed all the branding guidelines and looked coherent with other brand collaterals.


Market Research

Market research is crucial for designing a brand identity. It is an essential tool for understanding the needs and preferences of the target market and for developing a visual language that accurately captures the spirit of the brand and complements its marketing

To understand the market better, we first studied the global competition of Vagh Comfortaire, which included foreign brands such as Purple, Casper, Saatva, Helix, and Endy. In order to find out what appeals to the Indian audience the most, we also performed research on homegrown brands such as Sleep Company, Wakefit, Sleepwell, and Kurl-on. We noted all the good and the bad points, the visual language of each, how the design worked in the target market and a few more things.

Logo Design

Studying the brand objectives

We began by identifying the brand’s goals, which included building enduring relationships, maintaining integrity, providing comfort, being durable and so on. As a result, we were better able to comprehend the brand and develop design concepts that properly complemented its goals. We developed visual components that were most appropriate for the brand. 

Designing Logo Options

For the first logo option, we played with the letter “o” in Comfortaire to depict the phases of the moon. The logo radiated elegance and luxury, complementing the premium products manufactured by the brand. The moon phases displayed a beautiful pattern that exuded serenity.

The second logo option had bold colours to give the brand a funky and contemporary vibe. We chose a compact, boxy font to represent a mattress for this design. An option with the letter “C” as a folded mattress was also explored.

We created a third logo option that showcased an abstract version of the sleep cycle. We came up with a pattern that mirrored the textures seen in mattresses. This design was made with a relaxed, customer-friendly vibe in mind.

The fourth logo option used relaxing colours to give the brand a calm and homely vibe, radiating tranquillity. Our designers created the logo by hand in cursive calligraphy, adding a cloud to the image to give it a calming feel. To depict the idea of an uninterrupted, continuous sleep, it was drawn without lifting up the pencil in between the letters.


Feedback from the team and clients enables us to improve the quality of our work and the customer experience. We modified the logo selections to offer the best design alternatives available based on the input we received.


To target a wider audience, we created a Hindi version of each logo. To make the Hindi version of the brand equally aesthetically pleasing, we kept the essential elements of the logo designs and only made slight modifications. 

The transition from Latin to Devanagari was challenging, yet our designers cleverly crafted the logo to accurately reflect the brand essence.

Creation of Mockups

The designers created mock-ups so the client could better visualise how the logo will appear on packaging. These mock-ups incorporated all the elements including the logo, typeface, colour scheme, patterns and icons to make the decision-making process easier. 

This made the design come to life and demonstrated to clients what the final product would look like.

Brand Manual

Once the logo was finalised, we started working on the brand manual. It included a logo, it’s the correct usage, colours, typography, patterns, applications and other branding assets like icons and patterns.

The final product was a premium quality branding that could be displayed on stationary, envelopes, tags, mattresses, and more. We successfully created designs that complemented the brand language and visually expressed the brand personality.